Photography is how I express myself

As a photographer all I want to do is document, but let's be honest... That's only a small part of this work. Between developing, traveling, keeping in touch with clients, tons of e-mails, staying present in social media, conferences, workshops, etc., the time to photograph is affected.

So when I'm travelling or just going on a walk, I'll take my camera with me so I can keep connected to the roots of photography.

That creates art that I also appreciate and am proud to show.


Слава Україні🇺🇦

2023.03 || Ukraine (Work in Progress)

Через боротьбу їх посмішка продовжується


2022 || Porto

15 Years Capturing Weddings


2019.02 || Marrocos

Friends Roadtrip through Marrocos.



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