what is

wedding photography?

your wedding, your story

With You


The offer is a romantic experiencie where you can have fun with each other and create another special memory for you to hold on to.

And then, a photoshoot of the engangement times is born. 

For You


Every collection is, in the end, a document of a unique day, that we treasure.

Includes the costumes and traditions of today, but that also where present, in the way that made sense at the time, in our Parents or Grandparents weddings. It makes us feels nostalgic. The creation of one of these photogrsphic collections still deserves all my professionalism and respect, for those portrayed and for those who were not even born, but who one day, even generations later, will still be able to go through the images and interpret it.


Raquel e Bruno

2022.04.22 || Quinta do Avesso

Raquel's strenght met Bruno's golden heart

Sapna e Nikhil

2019.11.01 || Quinta de Santo António

Destination Indian Wedding in Oporto

Sara e Carlos

2019.10.15 || Quinta da Pacheca

''A destination wedding in Douro, to the rhythm of Axé!'' 

the story is your own, we want to tell it

Documenting people surrounded by their people in the biggest moment’s of their lives, or just a moment in time is undeniably the best feeling in the world. Witnessing, and capturing these moments where joy, love and adoration is the absolute accomplishment and the stresses of life are merely a distant memory even for just a moment, just fuels our passion.

Your wedding is an incredible day for everyone present, even the photographers. Getting to know two families and their traditions, beliefs and superstitions with the freedom I feel offered to me, when the doors open for me in the morning, that's a real Privilege...

If you’re looking for images that show who you are, with no posed moments, then you’ve come to the right place.