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Our engagement session is a fun-filled romantic experience that lets you have some fun with your significant other and create an everlasting memory. During the shoot, we'll capture all of your love and happiness on camera while you just relax and enjoy each other's company. 

Our aim is to make everyone feel comfortable so their true personalities come through in the photos. 

By the end of it all, not only will you have

stunning engagement photos but also a priceless memory you both will cherish for life.

For You


Each of our photography collections is a timeless memory, capturing the true spirit of your special day. We understand that weddings are not only about modern-day costumes and traditions, but it's also a reflection of the past. It's an opportunity to pay tribute to the traditions of our parents and grandparents weddings, filling us with nostalgia.

When creating one of these photographic collections, it's not just about taking beautiful pictures - it's a responsibility. We approach each collection with the utmost professionalism and respect, not only for those portrayed but even those yet unborn. 

Our vision is to create images that will last through generations, allowing your family members to relive your special day in their own unique ways.


Cláudia + Ricardo

2017.06.21 || Vidago Palace

Raquel + Bruno

2022.04.22 || Quinta do Avesso

Sara + Carlos

2019.10.15 || Quinta da Pacheca

Photographing people during their most momentous life events is truly magical. Whether it's a wedding, milestone anniversary, or simply an enchanting moment - as a photographer I get the greatest joy out of being able to freeze these fleeting moments in time and immortalize all the love, joy, and adoration present.

Weddings have always been an inspirational source for me. As I enter a ceremony and begin to document the day, I am granted the incredible opportunity to get to know two families intimately, their customs, beliefs, and superstitions. Every wedding is special in its own way and my goal is to capture the essence of each couple's love story through candid portraits that truly reflect who they are.

Are you searching for images that truly express your unique love story, without any stiff, posed moments? Look no further. Together, let's create a timeless record of your special day that you can cherish for years to come. 

It is an honor and responsibility to document your wedding, and I pledge to approach it with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Our photography style focuses on capturing candid moments and emotions, preferring candid shots over overly posed shots. However, we understand the value of traditional wedding photography and strive to include those classic shots in our collections as well. Our aim is to deliver a balanced selection of images that accurately reflects each couple's individual personalities and story.

We always want to make sure that we can capture every little moment of your special day. That's why we bring a team of two photographers and two videographers (if you opt for video) to your event. With this setup, we can ensure that there is always someone with you, capturing all the beautiful and candid moments of your wedding. We believe that having multiple professionals on the job allows us to provide you with a more complete and thorough coverage, so that you can relive those precious memories for years to come.

We love capturing the natural and candid moments between couples and their guests during the social interactions. We believe that these spontaneous shots truly reflect the joy and celebration of your special day with the people you love. Additionally, if you have posed photos with guests in mind, we are more than happy to accommodate your request and do it as smoothly and comfortably for you as possible. Our priority is to ensure that every photograph captures the essence and happiness of your wedding, tailored to your preferences and desires.

I deeply value the privacy and intimacy of the moments I capture. Therefore, I commit to using images for digital marketing purposes only when I have explicit authorization from those photographed. On event days, I maintain the same stance of respect: I do not post images of guests, children, or even the bride and groom on social media unless I am given specific permission to do so. The trust and comfort of my clients are of utmost importance to me, and I work every day to ensure that both are always preserved.

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