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In my documentary projects, I aim to capture more than just images; I seek to convey the stories and emotions of the people I photograph. From the resilience in the streets of Odessa to the camaraderie of a Moroccan road trip, each photo tells a unique tale of human experience.

I invite you to explore these stories. Each image offers a glimpse into diverse lives and moments, connecting us through the universal language of emotion and humanity.


Слава Україні🇺🇦

2023.03 || Ukraine

Через боротьбу їх посмішка продовжується

Divided Society

2023.03 || Moldova



2022 || Porto

15 Years Capturing Weddings


2019.02 || Marrocos

Friends Roadtrip through Marrocos

For me, photography is a journey of passion, where each moment captured is a story waiting to be told. My aim is to create photos that resonate with emotions and perhaps, bring a smile.

In my commercial work, I focus on the beauty and meaning behind each subject, whether it's highlighting the elegance of a hotel or the sincerity in a portrait. Every project is a new opportunity to learn and to share a unique perspective.

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