Visual Storyteller


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Hello and Welcome! 

I'm Filipe Santos, a photographer from Porto, Portugal and I'm passionate about capturing life's subtle yet deep moments.

 My journey began at 19 years old and has since increased to include weddings, portraits, commercial work, and documentary projects.

My photography is a journey through life's stories and emotions, capturing not just images, but the fleeting moments that mark our lives. 

From the joy of love to the simplicity of an honest smile, each photo is a small, yet meaningful part of a larger story.

What interests you?


Shall we talk?

If you have questions, ideas, or simply wish to connect, know that I'm always ready to have a conversation. 

Together, we can capture and preserve your special moments, creating a collection of memories that will last a lifetime.


As you explore my portfolio, you'll find each image is more than a picture. It's a glance of a moment, a story, a cherished memory. 

These photographs are my way of seeing the world. 

With curiosity and empathy.