Domus Vi Dom Pedro V

2020.10.08 || Aveiro

Photoshoot of a clients day to day at a care unit

Flávia e Joel

2022.06.04 || Quinta da Pacheca

Wedding Day in Douro

Axis Porto Club

2023.01.24 || Oporto

Photoshoot to promote launching of an hotel.


Слава Україні 🇺🇦

2023.03 || Ukraine (Work in Progress)

Через боротьбу їх посмішка продовжується

Alex e Eva

2020.01 || Buenos Aires

Meet Eva at Cafe San Bernardo


2019.02 || Marrocos

Friends Roadtrip through Marroco


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Wedding Photography? 


Professional photographer based in Portugal. I discovered my passion for photography at the age of 19, and I have been honing my craft ever since.

Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in various fields of photography, including portraits, weddings, events, and commercial work. I am particularly drawn to capturing raw, authentic moments that tell a story and evoke emotion in the viewer.

My work has been recognized and awarded by several international photography associations, including Fearless Photographers, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, and the Wedding Photojournalist Association. These awards serve as a testament to my dedication and commitment to producing high-quality, creative images that exceed my clients' expectations.

In addition to my work as a photographer, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise through teaching and mentoring. I have had the privilege of leading workshops and speaking at conferences around the world, inspiring and empowering other photographers to pursue their passion and achieve their goals.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me spending time with my family, exploring new places, or practicing martial arts. I believe that life is about pursuing our passions and living in the moment, and I strive to capture that same spirit in my photography.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope that my images inspire you and bring a smile to your face. If you have any questions or would like to work with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch.