Buçaco Palace Hotel

Vera + Carlos

2019.06 || Coimbra


''Vera and Carlos: Romantic getaway on one of the most beautiful places of Portugal'' 

June, was the month that we were part of their story. 

On a hot day that fulfilled the romantic gardens of bright color was the culminate of 11 years of passion, friendship and share. It took place in Palace Hotel do Buçaco with great help of the wedding planner Ana Sofia Lopes By Cotton Dreams, to the sound of Ricardo Pereira Band. 

The bride and groom suited perfectly with romantic location. Dressed with elegancy and gentleness, with the adornments equally as detailed as the bouquet of the bride, with pink colours and white lace.  Adriana, the make-up artist, transformed the gorgeous bride in subtle way. All her set was charming from the white dress to the delicate laced shoes.''