Santa Maria da Feira

Engagement - Iara + João

2021.05.28 || Santa Maria da Feira


This engagement photoshoot took place in a beautiful house that used to be João's grandparents home. He spent most of his childhood there, and now he his rebuilding it with Iara by his side. 

Having an engagement session done was a great decision! Not only because they start to be more comfortable with the idea of having a camera pointed at them, but to take a minute and enjoy being together in a place that is the proof of their love, where they feel safe and happy.

Almost from the beginning, the photoshoot started to feel more like a friendly meeting where I was taking photos of the beautiful couple in some of their favourite places of the love story they are building together.

I am truly happy that Iara and João gave us the opportunity to tell their story to the world.


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