15 Years Capturing Weddings, A Privilege

2020 || Porto

Documenting a wedding is an incredible day for a photographer. Getting to know two families and their traditions and beliefs with the freedom that I feel offered to me, is truly, a Privilege.

Photography for itself has always been my favourite occupation, in studio with total control of the light, in the particularity of the commercial photography or in the enormous universe of interpretation of ''FineArt'' photography.

But nothing interests me more that the people, their behaviour, their feelings and emotions, and the wedding photography is an open door for spending hours observing e searching little moments that I hope can be relieved later.

That is the responsibility of being chosen to capture a wedding and deserves all my Respect.

Every wedding album is, in essence, a document of a unique day, that we save like a treasure. They include the customs and traditions of today, the same that we recall seeing on our Parents and Grand-Parents wedding photographies.

The creation of an object like this still (after 15 years) deserves all my professionalism and respect, for the ones portrayed and the ones who aren't born yet, but that one day, generations after, could still leaf through and interpret it.

Roma - 2018
Quinta do Avesso - Raquel e Bruno - 2022
Londres - Márcia e Nuno -2017
Vila Nova de Gaia - Vanessa e Francisco - 2020
Vigo - Telma e Tiago - 2021
Porto - 2018
Quinta dos Bellos - 2013
Author: Filipe Santos

15 Years Capturing Weddings, A Privilege

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